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Big West Cleaning and Restoration has provided quality carpet cleaning service to the southern Utah and Mesquite areas for over 18 years. What is it that sets apart Big West Cleaning from all the other cleaning and restoration companies in the area? Anyone who has worked with Big West Cleaning and they will all agree that the friendly crew and the company’s reputation is what holds them high above the competition. Jason Lindsey and his team know that they are receiving the warm “small town” personable service that is always missing among major corporations these days.

Jason is an expert in the complex chemistry involved with cleaning and restoration. While most other companies use identical machinery and chemicals, Jason’s knowledge of how the chemistry works, allows Big West Cleaning and Restoration to approach your specific cleaning needs with a battle plan tailored to your individual situation. In addition to the friendliest crew of cleaners in The West, Big West Cleaning offers the most reliable and effective carpet cleaning crew in Southern Utah and Mesquite!